your love you know it tastes as sweet as cold coconut ice cream, not knowing makes me happy, I just wanna wait and see

I was without the Internet for the past five or six days, so I was forced to get lots of other things done, which was kind of nice. I finally mailed out all of my packages that I had put together for some friends via Tumblr.

I sent about seven in total, that were made up of things like: paintings I had done on scraps of fabric,

fuzzy sparkly pencils,

retro keychains from thrift stores,

temporary tattoos, glitter jewels and stickers, and of course a necklace.

A while ago I found these cute erasers at the Dollar Store and had to have them all, even though I had no use for them.

Finally I decided to make necklaces with them, so I turned them into charms. First I had to superglue all of the eraser pieces together (because they all come detachable from each other; for example the ice cream and the cone are seperate)

and after that I attached and superglued in small hooks that I'd cut from wire earrings.

I got an acrylic medium from the art store. The brand is Liquitex and it is a "gloss medium & varnish". It works quite well, especially over the soft eraser. It hardened them up a bit and made them look glossy, and finished.

Other than that I just had to work a lot with my pliers and put together the necklaces from yards of chain, individual clasps and circular connector rings. I ended up using three different types of chains for all the necklaces, a few are gold chains. The supplies for jewellery making aren't too expensive, but when Michaels is one of the only places you can get it, it can be really costly.

The first few I sent out were: the donut, ice cream with silver chain, fudgicle ice cream, pancakes, soda pop, red pepper, and carrot

The eyeball is the only one I will keep. It is made out of an old bouncy ball I found in my room at my parents house.

Above are the four necklaces with gold chains. I have also given away the yellow ice cream cone, and the white cone. Still available are the large pink ice cream complete with strawberry, and a little dish of ice cream with a chocolate!

Here are close ups of the ones I have already given away:


White ice cream cone



Soda pop

Red pepper


The pizza is for my best friend and roomate. She wanted a bracelet though, and unfortunately I am not a fan of chains for bracelets so I am still looking for a good string of sorts to use for bracelet making.

Pink creamsicle

White ice cream cone

And here are the rest that I have not yet sold or given away!

Ice cream dish with chocolate

Pink ice cream with strawberry


White grapes


Peas in a pod



Fancy rectangle cake

Strawberry pie

Strawberry pie

Slice of cake with mint and strawberry

Birthday cake

I am still unsure if I want to create an online shop and sell them, because I have no idea what I would price them (I honestly could not charge more than five dollars) and shipping is at least half that so would it be worth it! I just like making them. It's not in hopes of making profit, since I know with small crafty handmade things like this, it's impossible to make decent $$. But I'm into things like trades, or whatever. So let me know if you would like one! None of these guys are yet spoken for! Facebook me, Tumblr, or email: alyssapageot@hotmail.com

I have lots of other projects in the works, and I am looking into making my own little "cabochons" because I found some great Etsy sites that sell molds for little charms etc. so who knows what I'll end up doing in the future.


Seiichi Hayashi is an artist from China. Born in 1945, he has worked as an animator, produced several comics and he is still producing drawings and illustrations to this day. I was particularly drawn to his work because I love the way he depicts women and the amount of detail that goes into his work. The bright colours are great, too. Here are some of my favourite pieces by Hayashi.

All images taken from http://www.hayashi-seiichi.jp/ and edited by me

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This skull chair was created by Joep van Lieshout who is the founder of the Dutch company Atelier Van Lieshout. The "Sensory deprivation skull" is a fully functioning chair that you can open up and sit inside. See more at the website http://www.ateliervanlieshout.com/