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Recent purchases
Part one of two

Since I'm constantly bad at blogging, this post is way overdue and these things were bought almost a month ago now. Regardless, here are some pics of things I've spent my money on recently

New hairdyes. I actually don't know why I keep buying Manic Panic, everybody says how it's the worst and it hasn't been giving me good results. I used the cotton candy and it lasted maybe a week

Bat necklace that I picked out and purchased rather hastily, I realized after it's kind of a bat/demon hybrid, or maybe a gargoyle style bat. He looks like satan... new fave necklace!

Found this gem in the discount patch bin, then got the sales girl to bring one in every colour for a total of 4 alien babies for me and Lizz

Glowing blue bat lights from Canadian Tire

Glowing purple spider lights from Canadian Tire

$6 boots from Value Village

I got a bunch of patch type decorations from Michaels on sale for cheap, they seem pretty sturdy and I think they'd be super cute to put on a vest or jacket

Here you can see that the patch(es) are actually just thin felt with sequins sewn on and a bit of embroidery!

Cat sweater from F21 (cat iPhone case from Ebay)

New plated collar necklace from F21

Minnie Mouse ears/headband from Value Village

Bought my scrunchies in bulk

My new shirt with a comic book style print

Front of my new Misfits shirt

Back of my new Misfits shirt

Cozy Ramones sweater from work

Maxi skirt from my work

Vertical striped pants from my work

Beetlejuice butt

P.S. as me and my friend Alayna always like to say, it's important to TREAT YO SELF and for me that means hard shampoo and yummy conditioner! Makes my hair smell like strawberries and cream, especially after I blow dry it


I've always loved I-spy games, Where's Waldo books, and making magazine/newspaper collages. Growing up we had a round kitchen table that was made of wood but had a circular glass top that you could take on and off. At some point my family made a giant collage of all sorts of magazine cut outs and newspaper comics etc. and the whole table was like a giant I spy, we would sit there as kids and look at it. We would point out different things we saw, our favourite parts, and even after years I could look at it and see something I'd never seen before. I really wish I had a picture of it, or that the table still existed because the images were all from the 90s and I'd probably appreciate it a lot more now.

Growing up, my parents always made sure we had tons of books. Books and reading were an important part of my childhood and I truly believe it has so much to do with how me and my siblings turned out, because we are all extremely intelligent. Sorry, I'm not sorry. We owned almost all of the classic I spy books, and they were a part about my childhood I will never forget. I think after we got a bit older we gave them to my two younger cousins, so my aunt might still have them.

I was always fascinated by the beautiful images, I would stare for hours at the pictures trying to point out every little detail, to find every hidden piece. They were colourful and whimsical. I remember the Christmas edition especially was my favourite, and I absolute died over the page of Christmas cookies. I also remember that some pages in the spooky edition actually scared me, and I didn't like looking at them alone.

Interestingly enough, decent pictures of these books are hard to come by. The best I can find online are tiny images, even straight from the authors websites. It's also impossible to find pictures of the inside pages of the books. Has no one has spent their afternoon scanning in proper pages of these books for my use? Do I have to do everything? I wonder if they have them at the library. If not, I think they are only $10 a pop. Anyways, have a look at the pictures I did come across and see if they look familiar to you!

and now I'm left behind, all the time, I will wait forever always looking straight, thinking & counting all the hours you wait

I just took a long break from Blogspot, though I haven't stopped accumulating ideas for posts. In fact, I think taking this more seriously (focusing on quality) has made everything harder because I take (way too much) time on every little detail and what I need to do is just sit down and pour it all out AND edit at once. Basically I've been really lazy lately, but still lots of other things have been going on in my life.

As I said previously, I am living in British Columbia and I've been here for 3 months now. I'm on my 4th job, but I'm finally going to stay with this one for hopefully a long time. I got hired as a visual merchandiser for Forever 21. As a part of the visual team for the new store opening in November in downtown Vancouver, I am the accessories specialist and for another month or so we are still working at another location in Burnaby. Having money has been nice and I've bought a lot of stuff in the past few weeks which hopefully I can do a post soon of recent purchases.

I'm still bumming off my friends and living in their apartment, but I'm getting by own place by November or December. Due to work, I'm unable to go back to Ontario for winter holidays and so I'll be alone in Vancouver for Christmas. I'm only 21 going on 22 and this will be my first Xmas apart from my family, whom I am very close with. Also breaking my heart is knowing it'll be that much longer til I see my dogs and cats.

In other news, I've dyed my hair pink and I'm starting to become concerned with the fact that I have no winter clothes here and it's probably too expensive to have my parents mail my coats out. I've got over 5 pairs of new boots since I moved here but no jackets.

Anyways, that's mostly it for me but look forward to a few new posts in the very near future.

P.S. lately I've been listening to a lot of Azealia Banks, Grimes, and Lana Del Rey. I'm predictable